Support a good cause simply by picking up your groceries!


When you shop at Whole Foods Market White Plains on Wednesday September 25, 
Whole Foods will donate 5% of net sales to support the CELF Student Ambassadors Program. CELF provides free training and community-based programming for high school students to become knowledgeable advocates for
healthy, vibrant communities locally, regionally, and nationally. SAMs speak publicly on environmental, economic and social justice issues, with special emphasis on the freshwater crisis. In addition to educating their own communities, SAMs efforts help fund water filtration systems, known as LifeStraw Communities, for schools in Africa.

Join CELF and support students as they develop skills and gain experience to become engaged Earth citizens and stewards for the environment!

We are honored to be one of four organizations selected to receive a 5% Day from Whole Foods this year. Please help make it a success! Mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 25, then load up on your back-to-school or holiday shopping, pick up dinner for you and your family! You’ll be promoting education for sustainability, empowering student advocates, and helping to build a more sustainable future worldwide – all with one trip to the market.

Store Location: 110 Bloomingdale Road, White Plains, NY
Store Hours: 8 AM to 10 PM
CELF Table Hours: 11 AM to 7 PM (Student Ambassadors on hand after school)


“In the media, they like to call us Gen Lay-Z. We’ve been labeled “politically unengaged,” even “apathetic.” Together, we can prove them "wrong!" Become a CELF Student Ambassador and join others who recognize our future hinges on the wise and compassionate stewardship of an environmentally-educated public. Together, we can protect what sustains us, our families, our communities, and future generations.” ~Karina, 10th grade


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