For Parents and Community

Is your child’s education preparing her or him to be a creative problem solver and good planetary citizen? Will your children have the interest and the capacity to think in an interconnected way to participate in the creation of real solutions to real problems?

CELF works with schools and districts to provide everything from professional development for educators to seminars and programs for students and the community. For sustainability education to succeed it must reach beyond one classroom, one teacher, one assembly or one fieldtrip. We must all become agents for change!

How can you get involved?


"I am still reeling from the success of the day and excited about next steps... I knew you were an impressive organization - but frankly this was far more than I expected. Your knowledge, professionalism, collaboration with staff, warmth, knowledge of students and instructional strategies - and much more - combined to make for a powerful experience. I know how much work had to go on behind the scenes to prepare the day's activities. Thank you for such a thoughtful and thorough presentation."

Gail Boyle Principal, Chatsworth Elementary School Mamaroneck, NY (March 2011)


“Getting kids motivated about the environment ripples far beyond them. It means they will discuss it with their friends, and also with their parents. That’s how you get real and sustainable change, when you have children teaching adults.”

Andrew Spano Former Westchester County Executive (at CELF Students for a Sustainable Future EXPO'08)


The Solutions
of Tomorrow

“The solutions of tomorrow are not stashed behind the walls of bureaucracy or political halls. They are in the minds of engineers, designers, innovators, researchers, environmentalists, geographers and other spirited individuals. ”

Stuart Barea, 18



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