For Teachers and Administrators

Education for Sustainability is an opportunity to promote informed and involved citizenship, creative problem solving, cooperative action and HOPE.

No state curriculum mandates that you introduce your students to sustainability yet  (unless you work in Vermont). But there is a moral mandate: if we are to have a sustainable future, our students must be educated for it. They must learn to pursue environmental stewardship, economic security and social equity as complementary goals. 

The challenge for educators is how to engage students and train them in this new way of thinking when we may not yet be comfortable with it ourselves, while at the same time meeting all of our existing curriculum mandates.

Supporting You in Bringing Sustainability Education to the Classroom

Teachers are the foundation for our work. They are on the "front lines" of Sustainability Education and CELF prepares them for it. We work with the premier curriculum developers, content experts, teacher colleges and classroom teachers to create our professional development programs. We provide consulting services for schools and school districts, training for teachers and administrators and authentic learning opportunities for students.

School leadership for sustainability is essential and administrators play a key role. School leaders recognize that they need a system-wide commitment and a system-wide plan if they are to change the way students view the world and its resources. CELF is committed to supporting schools in their efforts to understand and adopt sustainability as one of their educational goals.

We show administrators and teachers how to enhance existing curricula through the integration of sustainability concepts. We help top performing schools as well as those facing achievement and budgetary challenges ensure that every student has the opportunity to graduate equipped to participate in the creation of real solutions to real problems.

CELF Programs for Administrators and Teachers

Consulting Services and Customized Professional Development   find out more»
For a school or a school district that wants to learn how to bring sustainability education into its classrooms

Sustainable School Coordination   find out more»
Helping schools that are planning a new green buildings or green renovation to use the facility as a teaching tool

Annual Summer Institute: Educating for a Sustainable Future   find out more» Training teachers to give their curriculum a sustainability makeover

Professional Development Courses  find out more»
Enhanced sustainability training that zeroes in on more specific focus areas. Offered in the summer and on Saturdays during the school year.

Student Ambassador Program  find out more»
Connecting high school students with STEM & Service leadership opportunities that focus on current sustainability issues.

Learning with Leaders   find out more»
Inspiring middle and high school students, teachers and the community through direct Exposure to experts in corporate social responsibility, green product design, renewable energy, green building and law and regulations. 

School Eco-Footprinting Program   find out more»
An exciting hands-on exploratory program that teaches students about sustainability and human impact on the earth while addressing the question, “How green is my school?”

NYC DoE Sustainability Initiative:
CELF Professional Development Curriculum Integration Program for NYC Public School Teachers
[a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment Project]

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“All education is environmental education. By what is included or excluded we teach students that they are part of or apart from the natural world. To teach economics, for example, without reference to the laws of thermodynamics or those of ecology is to teach a fundamentally important ecological lesson: that physics and ecology have nothing to do with the economy. That just happens to be dead wrong. The same is true throughout all of the curriculum.”

David Orr’s What is Education for?



"I am still reeling from the success of the day and excited about next steps... I knew you were an impressive organization - but frankly this was far more than I expected. Your knowledge, professionalism, collaboration with staff, warmth, knowledge of students and instructional strategies - and much more - combined to make for a powerful experience. I know how much work had to go on behind the scenes to prepare the day's activities. Thank you for such a thoughtful and thorough presentation."

Gail Boyle Principal, Chatsworth Elementary School Mamaroneck, NY (School Eco-Footprint Program Participant)


“Getting kids motivated about the environment ripples far beyond them. It means they will discuss it with their friends, and also with their parents. That’s how you get real and sustainable change, when you have children teaching adults.”

Andrew Spano Former Westchester County Executive (at CELF Students for a Sustainable Future EXPO'08)


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