Sustainable School Coordination

If your school is undertaking a green construction or renovation project, now is the perfect opportunity to leverage authentic, inquiry-based learning opportunities from your green facilities. CELF can help you make the connection between sustainable construction, greener operations and school curriculum.

A Place-Based Learning Model

We introduce teachers to new ways of bringing sustainability awareness into the curriculum. CELF leads discussions about, and sometimes tours of, schools that are models of placed-based sustainability learning. Learn what they have achieved and how to overcome the challenges.

We can guide administrators and teachers in incorporating a wide range of potential topics in the curriculum at grade-appropriate levels, including:

  • The green qualities of construction materials
  • The geography and economics of product sourcing
  • How new ideas spread in communities
  • Energy auditing and energy efficiency
  • How design affects operational sustainability
  • The chemistry of cleaning—green and otherwise

Opportunities for Hands-on Learning

CELF can help you develop hands-on learning opportunities that are connected to your sustainable building. Possibilities include:

  • Organic gardens
  • A food waste composting program
  • School as change agent

“At the early stages of construction, CELF encouraged us to capitalize on learning opportunities related to our new green building. We continue to work together to identify and build into our curriculum lasting, meaningful content that will support sustainability as a cornerstone of learning at Gateway.”

Robert Cunningham, EdM Headmaster, Gateway School


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CELF Outcomes

New York City’s Gateway school has moved into a state-of-the-art “green” facility that offers a healthy educational setting for its students while showcasing innovative ideas and technologies to safeguard our planet.
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“20% of America goes to school every day – more that 55 million students and more than 5 million faculty, staff and administrators... By promoting green schools, we positively impact student health, test scores, teacher retention, school operation costs and the environment.”

US Green Building Council


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