Online Registration for Elementary Grades

July 18-20, 2016

July 21, 2016: Optional fourth day for curriculum development support

Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. daily
Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY


  • 2016 Program Fee: $395 per teacher for 3 day program
  • Optional 4th day additional Program Fee: $55 (Total program fee $450)
    Curriculum development experts provide additional support for unit development and review of assessment tools.
  • Discount for school teams: Teachers participating as a School Team of three (3) or more teachers receive a discounted Group Rate of $325 per participant for first 3 days, or total fee $380 for four days.
  • Program available for graduate or in-service credits.
  • For non-educators program rates please contact Katie Ginsberg.
  • Graduate Tuition Rates for graduate credit: Participants applying for graduate credits are eligible to receive Manhattanville College credits. DOWNLOAD MANHATTANVILLE REGISTRATION FORM: Application forms must be submitted on-site, Day 1 of program.
    • (a) The cost for two (2) graduate credits is $590 for the 3 day Summer Institute. Total course fee including graduate credits is $985.
    • (b) The cost for three (3) graduate credits is $855 for the 4 day Summer Institute. Total course fee including graduate credit is $1,335.
    • Payment for graduate credits made payable to "Manhattanville College":
      > 2 credits for participation for 3-day Institute: $590
      > 3 credits for participation in 4-day Institute, plus school year implementaion report due January 2014: $885
      > If applying for discounted group rate and graduate credit, total cost per participant with credits is $915 (2 credits) or $1,265 (3 credits), paid in two separate checks (Institute tuition paid to CELF, graduate credits paid to Manhattanville College).
  • In-service credit: Participants are eligible for one (1) or two (2) in-service credit for 3-day Institute, based on district policy.

Application Deadline:

Districts and individual applicants should submit completed applications to CELF by:

June 18, 2016

Payment Information

Upon submitting the registration form below you will be taken to a confirmation page where you should pay your course registration fee via PayPal or credit card, OR click to finish registration and follow up with a payment by mail. Please make Summer Institute tuition checks payable to "CELF" and mail to:

CELF Summer Institute Registration
P.O. Box 412
Chappaqua, NY 10514

*GRADUATE CREDITS are paid separately with a check made out directly to Manhattanville College on the FIRST DAY of the Institute. Bring completed Manhattanville College registration form with a check on the first day of the Institute:
Course transcripts are requested directly from the College in September 2014, fees may apply.

Please complete the information below:

Group registrations MUST submit an individual form completed by each participant

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Applicants, please complete:

Why do you want to attend the Sustainabilty Institute
and what do you feel you will gain from it?

CELF encourages teacher/administrator teams!

* How many Participants will be attending from your school, including yourself?

School Teams of 3 or more teachers pay a discounted rate of $300/participant.

*Attending the optional fourth day? ($55 per person(

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Upon submitting this form you will be taken to a confirmation page
where you can pay via PayPal and/or credit card.

Cancellation policy: Refunds of registration fee less a $35 processing fee. No refunds are available after June 19, 2015.




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