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CELF Summer Institute

A professional development curriculum intensive designed to advance educational goals together with locally identified social, economic and environmental objectives. The Institute builds practical curriculum integration of stewardship perspectives, skills and action and the restoration, rebuilding, and reconnecting of human communities and natural systems.

The Summer Institute helps teachers integrate place-based learning to reconnect students to the magical and practical mysteries and truths of their native surroundings; and connects them to the responsibilities of community stewardship and civic life.

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The Institute was a 'born again' experience for me. I have never been so compelled to re-think my purpose as an educator.

CELF 2010 Boston Summer Institute Participant

The Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation is an amazing catalyst. They bring high quality people together in high quality programming to transform visions and compel action for a sustainable future. From my beginnings as a participant in CELF’s 2009 Sustainability Education Summer Institute to my current role as member of the Summer Institute faculty I have been inspired by CELF’s dedication to helping educators from all walks of life understand sustainability as an urgent and compelling context for learning. Unlike others who market pre-packaged programs and curricula, CELF works tirelessly to understand the shifting tides of state and national education policy, to understand the context in which teachers are being asked to perform and to develop programming that will meet the needs of the people who most need and want to be involved in education for a sustainable future.

Sherie McClam, PhD, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
Assistant Professor, School of Education, Manhattanville College

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